Moorestown High School

Project graduation saves lives.

Project Graduation is a nationwide initiative that began 39 years ago in Oxford Hills, Maine, in response to seven alcohol- and drug-related teen deaths that occurred during graduation celebration. Moorestown adopted Project Graduation 31 years ago as an annual community-sponsored celebration for our high school graduates. This event is a safe, all-night, alcohol- and drug-free alternative to teenage parties. It continues to be an inclusive event that not only protects our MHS graduates during this one particular evening, but also serves as an example to our kids that celebrations do not need to include drugs or alcohol to be fun! MHS graduates will leave directly from the high school immediately following their graduation ceremony and are bused to “secret” locations where they are entertained with activities, food, and prizes to keep them busy all night long. They return to MHS around 5:00 a.m. the following morning—tired but safe! The financial and volunteer support of the community to make this event successful is greatly needed and truly appreciated.